What photography services do you offer?  

Corporate headshots & personal branding

I offer simple studio headshots. Most of these are taken in my studio located near the Cote-Vertu metro station in Montreal. I also have a portable set-up that I can bring on location to your home or at your office.

No matter what your industry or role is, this photo reflects YOU. “It takes just one-tenth of a second to judge someone and make a first impression” (Wikipedia). So, what do you want people to see when they look at the photo of you? Maybe it’s “I mean business” or “I’m creative” or “I’m confident” or “I’m fun” or “I’m a leader” … you get to decide. I look forward to meeting you to explore your goals and the image you want to convey. 

Contemporary studio portraits & outdoor portraiture

Whether you want to celebrate your toddler, tween, or teen, or just focus on YOU being beautiful, I invite you to let me create the photo shoot of your dreams. I especially encourage you, to come experience feeling and seeing yourself as beautiful. 

Family portraits

Engagement & weddings

Corporate events & birthdays

Real Estate & Architecture 

I don't know how to pose / I am not photogenic, help!

I give you super easy-to-follow instructions and coach you from your facial expressions down to the placement of your hands. That is part of my job as a professional photographer

A professional headshot should show someone looking relaxed, confident, and approachable-- which can be a bit difficult with a giant camera lens pointing at you.  I will never just drop someone in front of a camera without helping them get the best smile. Each person is coached into different poses and angles to get the most flattering look from shoulders to hip, and is given cues, tips, and instructions for getting different types of natural-looking smiles and facial expressions.  Everyone is different and can look more like themselves from different angles and in different poses, so I will get multiple smiles and angles to choose from- making sure we get it right the first time and each person walks away with a photo they can be proud of.

Do I need a make-up and hair professionals? 

It is up to you but I highly recommend a make-up stylist for photoshoots. Your headshot needs to look like your everyday you, so do your hair and makeup like you normally do it.  We especially recommend getting a makeup artist if you never wear much makeup or haven’t liked the way your self-applied makeup has looked in past photos, or if you tend to have a lot of redness or rosacea that needs to be color-corrected with makeup for a photo. 

How do I style myself and what do I wear?

This is one of the most important aspects of planning your photo session. We will go through all the options of clothing for the shoot and I will make suggestions ensuring that all clothing is flattering and really is in line with our vision for the photo shoot.

--MEN: When choosing clothing for your professional headshot: think classic. Pick your favorite suit that fits you well and is preferably a classic dark color like navy blue or gray. Choose a suit that doesn't bunch up when you button it or if you sit down, and a shirt and tie that match each other and the suit. Some ties are too shiny-- try to stay away from really reflective, shiny, silk ties.

--WOMEN: Choose a professional suit or business-oriented outfit that has a classic look: you shouldn’t be able to tell what decade it is in the photo. Don’t choose anything with bold, distracting patterns or colors, unless you can layer a plain blazer or sweater over it so not much of the pattern is showing and you get just a pop of color.

For jewelry, go for something small, classic, and not very reflective or flashy. Earrings shouldn’t dangle more than an inch from your earlobe. Simpler is always better.

I want a session! How does this work? How long is the delivery?

We’ll start with a consultation via email or phone to know each other, what your needs are and explore how you’d like to be captured.

We will discuss wardrobe choices and styling options.

We will decide on a location and schedule a date.

Picture time.

After a studio session, you’ll get a link to an online proof gallery emailed to you typically within 24-48 hours. Delivery of your final photos will depend on how many photos are being delivered, if you’re doing retouching,  it averages at about 3-5 days and you have the option to order prints and albums.

What is the location?

I have a home-studio at Saint-Laurent near the Cote-Vertu metro. (APPOINTMENT ONLY)

For outdoor portraits, the location of the shoot is entirely up to you, and I’m happy to work together to find the best spot. Your local park, playground, or even your own backyard can often yield the most amazing and memorable shots.

  Do you retouch your photos?  

By default, I edit all of my images (colour, contrast, exposure, etc.) I can also fix some blemishes and other minor distractions.

What form of payment do you accept?

Cash, Interac, Bank e-transfer and credit cards (Visa & Mastercard) & Paypal.

How do I look my best?

Get a good sleep the night before

We know it’s tempting to stay at the networking event for one more drink. Or to watch just one more episode on Netflix. We all know that getting an extra hour or 2 will make a considerable difference the following day. If you're feeling relaxed and positive, you'll look that way for the photo session. This will also help reduce bags under your eyes and generally make you look more radiant.

What to wear

People can be unsure of what to wear for a professional photo shoot. We always suggest wearing what you usually would when meeting a potential client. Even though a headshot is just head and shoulders, wearing an un-ironed shirt, or a scruffy t-shirt will show in the photo.

If you usually wear glasses, decide whether you'd like to wear them in your portrait. If you aren’t going to wear them, or aren’t sure, take them off around 15 minutes before. This will allow enough time for the red marks on your nose to disappear.

If you wear makeup, don’t be tempted to over apply. This should be a fairly natural representation of yourself. If you usually choose a bold colour lipstick, go for it!

Our advice would be to generally stay away from trends, be it fashion choices or hairstyles. The headshot or portrait should last you at least two years. Nothing will date it faster than wearing something that was in fashion for a single season.

How to pose

Place your body at a 45º angle to the camera and head turned back towards the photographer. Don’t worry if this doesn’t make much sense now, a professional headshot photographer will be able to guide you through this during the shoot.

Keep your back straight. Imagine a physio is taking the picture. A poor posture could evoke a lack of confidence. Through a lens, the way you hold yourself reflects how confident you look, so stand tall and be self-assured. See Amy Cuddy’s TED talk on this topic here - Your body language may shape who you are

 [20m 56s]

Let your hands drop by your sides or place them in your pockets. Not doing anything with your hands may feel odd at the time, but it looks much stranger on camera when someone is holding their hands behind their back. Your photographer will guide you in this area, especially if the picture is a portrait and will include your hands or whole body.

Pushing your chin out slightly will separate your face from your neck and body, and define your jawline. To get this right, imagine you’re holding a grapefruit between your chin and chest. Your photographer may ask you to lift your chin or head up slightly, this isn’t because you have a double chin, it’s to ensure the light is hitting your face in the right places.

Work with your best side

Lots of people are aware of having a ‘best side’. This can be due to the shape or symmetry of their face, or even trying to hide a perceived imperfection. Don't be embarrassed to tell your photographer this, they will work with you to get the best results.

Everyone, in fact, has one eye bigger than the other. By turning your body and head to a 45º angle, placing your bigger eye furthest away will help even out the size difference. It’s not always easy to tell when looking at yourself or someone else, so for most of our clients we shoot both angles so our clients can choose later on.

Look in a mirror

Rehearse your facial expressions. Everyone prefers the way they look with a certain expression. A full or half smile could work well for a young and passionate entrepreneur. Alternatively, a CEO or a board member in a professional industry may feel that a neutral  expression communicates strength.

When posing, try squinting your eyes very slightly. Some photographers call it a ‘squinch’. This can help you remember it on the day. A mix between a squint and a pinch. When someone feels uncomfortable having their photo taken they can react with unnaturally wide eyes. Think of a deer in headlights, that’s what we’re trying to avoid.

This video by portrait photographer Peter Hurley explains this technique perfectly. It's all about the Squinch!

 [15m 33s]

Don’t be afraid to try different poses, and smile. There’s no harm in trying a few different expressions with the photographer so you can choose which you prefer afterwards.

To bring out a real smile and avoid looking forced or still in your business portrait, try thinking of something or someone funny. The real emotion will not only help with your smile, but also show in your eyes.


Relax and let the photographer lead the conversation. Most people feel at least a little awkward having their photo taken. A true professional portrait photographer will talk to you and build rapport to ensure that you’re relaxed so they can capture you at your best. Be aware of how much you are talking. If the photographer cracks a joke to make you smile and you’ve already got your mouth wide open replying, it may make it difficult to achieve great results.

We hope these tips help you when posing for headshots. If you liked the article please share it online, or with a friend or colleague. If you have any other tips you think should be added,  please leave us a comment below.

Full blog post - https://www.thisisdecoy.co.uk/blog/top-6-business-headshot-tips

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